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Saturday, 9 June 2012

trying to face the faith

assalamualaikum 'n' hello there , how do u do guys ? is everything oke ? well , yeahh-yeahhh . i'm sorry to those who always keep stalking this blog . because it been a long time i did't update this blog since my last post rite . its not because i'm too buzy , i'm just run out of idea , i don't know what should i story to u guys . so i guess tomorrow is our last day of holiday to rest . the time keep TICK TOCK TICK TOCK . 3 or 4 month more for me to get ready to fight for the pmr . boooooo , thinking about pmr , it just make me felt scared ;'\ but nevermind , i just need to keep moving forward . because i think that is the best way to beat the fear .

 emm , talking about my feeling rite now . ohh , very suck . life treat me worst than before . but what can i do , just face it with smile even it was fake .  just because of 1 person . i let go 1 boy , then reject 2 boys . lol . y am i so stupid -_______-'' then , mr.DY always said that : i'll get u reena \ i'll wait for u reena . fuhhhhhhh . this thing keep asking myself  'should i accept him or should i let him go' my friends keep telling me that #jangan jual mahal , nnty menyesal #its up to u iena . walauwehhhhh , this is not the answer that i need :\ by the way , thanks to all my friend because always stay beside me when i need them :) especially to my mami eun . because one of her advice have made me realise something :'D zzzzzz . i guess this is for today remember *life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances , losing 'n' finding happiness , appreciating the memories and learning from the past *

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